The New Interface: Much Win

Okay, so I’ve finally had a whole bunch of materials shipped in and got my processes going in various aspects.

What’s struck me is just how impressive everything is once set up.

If you’re someone who sets up maybe the occasional batch of ammo, you’re not going to see much in the way of improvement. That’s just a consequence of not using the interface all that much, but then that kind of work doesn’t really impact you anyway.

No, the real winners are those who fills their slots, most notably all with the same kinds of things.

The teams search is pretty dire, but you can choose to spec into a single or small handful of industry sectors to narrow down your searching. Likewise, teams you’ve bid on can’t be searched for directly, so just note down in your notepad the team ID, system and the speciality you’ve bid on them for. Makes searching a doddle.

This lot pales in comparison though to the quality of life changes.

It is possible for me to install all my invention jobs with 2 clicks per job and an additional click to have opened up the interface to start with. That is a HUGE saving.

Likewise manufacturing. It all just slots into place with minimal effort on my part. Truly this is WONDERFUL!

Also, the ability to start and manage jobs across regional borders makes purchasing gear a lot easier. I can be sat in Osmon, running missions, buying stuff in Jita, sending it to [REDACTED] for manufacture and research, then having it all sent back again to Jita to sell.

In this regard, CCP have succeeded.

There are some things I feel should have a bit of revision though. For example, time bonuses from teams. I did at one point find a net -46% copying time for interdiction probes only which is a very good, narrow saving in time. But this is by far an outlier. A 2% time saving on a manufacture job equates to just 14.4 hours across a month. For these time savings to matter, you’d have to waste no time at all between jobs. Even then, they still have a very limited impact.

Team searching, filtering, finding your previous bids and teams which have other people’s bids for a system you’re interested in could do with existing. There’s a lot the teams interface could use.

However, despite the downsides or lack of functions in various parts, overall I think this update has come together to be quite the success I had hoped for. There are some aspects lacking, others are sufficiently difficult to force decision making. 

The real losers though are the people who never read anything prior to the update and are now all “Hurr de durr, I have to pay to use industry in my own starbase. This is bullshit.”

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Don’t like it, leave the profits to me.

PSA: Job Costs in Crius

"Oh my god, this blueprint will cost like eleventy billion to research!"

Sound familiar?

Unless this person is researching a Titan to 11, I can tell you exactly what’s going wrong.

What has happened is that part of CCP’s job cost code relies on the square root of the fraction of job hours done in that system compared to all of eve. It prices basically based on popularity of system.

For systems with NO job hours on record (especially systems which were either physically unable to do it or simply unoccupied by industry types), this results in the code square rooting zero. Codes tend to not like doing things with zero and I bet you that the code here is defaulting to an answer of 100%.

I tested these job costs and it is likely anyone quoting exorbitant prices are trying to install them in a completely unused system for their job type.

So, watch the patches that’ll come out to fix this and if you really need to use a system, put in a cheap 1 hour job and wait for EVE to update with a non-zero job hours in your system. The code should work then.

Just a shoutout

Just like to commend CCP RubberBAND, CCP Contra and CCP Paradox. They’re responding to pretty much all queries on the forum regarding Crius very quickly and helpfully from the looks of it. 

That’s the kind of thing we like to see.

If you’re risking playing today (being patch day and all) check out the link below to ensure that nothing you’re going to try and do is currently broken.

Some hopefully helpful overviews on the various industrial processes and their mechanics in Eve come Crius in Tuesday!

Yes, I signed them all. Linked these on reddit is why :P

PSA: Changes to ore/mineral values (Crius)

The patch notes for Crius are now live here.

One crucial point, the yields of ores and the sizes of compressed ores have been adjusted by CCP since their previous dev blog about them. Make sure your tools are up to date with the latest information.

Also important, a number of icons are changing in the reverse engineering department to better reflect what is what. Be aware of this when searching for your T3 production tools.

Crius comes on 22nd July with a VERY extended downtime (8am to 12noon UTC) so be prepared for that.

My thoughts on making money in Catch. Only another couple months.

My thoughts on making money in Catch. Only another couple months.

THIS is how you show your brother the wonders of minecraft PC edition (as opposed to the rapidly catching up pocket edition). 


offendedasian asked: Niice. Grats dude you're eve famous!

That guy who shot an ark in highsec before he knew what he was shooting :P


Anonymous asked: I'm interested in getting into factional warfare. Where would be the best place for me to read up on it? Is there anything you would recommend doing beforehand?

Googling “Faction Warfare”and looking at various guides is your best bet. Eve is a game where ‘Ability to google’ is practically a requisite skill. 

Focus on guides produced Feb 2013 or later where possible, as that follows the Retribution update which has the most recent major mechanic shifts in low sec space. One other very recent change to be aware of is that NPCs in sites respawn much more frequently now and have better combat stats.

A few things to consider before hand:

- Is all your stuff out of enemy space?

- Do you have 30million to your name as startup funds?

- If Gallente, can you use teamspeak?

- Are you ready to accept that with time, playing within the bounds of factional warfare will make your standing with the enemy factions drop, potentially to the point that you’d be attacked in their space even after leaving FW.

Factional Warfare is very straight forward. Eternal war between opposing sides that fight mainly in low sec, sometimes in high sec, with payout being based on loyalty points from missions, sites and kills, with site capture/defense being the driver behind system control and take over.

Any specifics most guides will tell you or can be learned from militia chat.

The new Crius expansion theme, coming July 22nd. Really good theming in this track, I like it a lot.

What better way to celebrate than to go for a bit of solo PvP in faction warfare space? Oh, I know, I’ll do something a bit different…

[Solo pvp clip]

And the first one goes down

Currently have 6 kill righted people on my listings and I can strike one off today. CaptainHellfire of Red Federation, wanted criminal for the unlawful attack on Ariedora [situation unknown] was brought to justice when his thorax was locked down and destroyed.

I had a little bit of tracking issues that I’d like to look into, his MAR+MAAR fit repaired quite well against my applied damage but not well enough. I’ve got a web AND tracking rig fitted (in case my target is in a catalyst, or worse, a frigate) but it didn’t seem enough to put full damage on. His AB meant he had range control (orbit 500) over my scrammed-out MWD.

Still, the man perished, but escaped with his pod in tact. 

Between Ammo, Repairs and the Kill Right, I think cost was around 2 million ISK, but it was worth it. 

Off to catch the next guy off guard. Or better, off guard when they think they’re on it!

EDIT: Second man down, a CODE ganker by the name of Super Perforator, serial ganker whom was brought to my attention after the gank of Qwyjibo Rotineque, but killed on behalf of the killright owned by Jose Masanes of The Scope.