archon vs thrasher fleet
spoiler: thrashers won

Thrasher fleet - foreground ship is not a thrasher. It always amazes me how this is inevitable in fleets.


archon vs thrasher fleet

spoiler: thrashers won

Thrasher fleet - foreground ship is not a thrasher. It always amazes me how this is inevitable in fleets.

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So I installed Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders onto otherwise vanilla minecraft.

And this happened.

Without lag.

I had no idea

the Scythe has the sig of HALF a cruiser. 75m!

Taking it to a new level

This has to be a new low I’ve seen someone sink to in Faction Warfare. 

Cloaky stabbed farming - it’s an inevitable fact of FW. That I do not have major issue with. If you intend to cap instead of the enemy, it takes little time to actually force them out. 

Looking for pvp? Taking plexes rather than hunting them hasearned me more fights.

So that’s not an issue.

But this particular individual found a way to actually grind my gears. The player warped into my plex half way through done, aligned out - but instead of warping, he cloaked.

It immediately made sense to me what his intention was, and I would have none of it. Burning straight to his location, drones out, I attempted a convo, but the thief declined. Diplomacy impossible, I made my intent clear in local “Find, I’ll kill you then.” and went to do just that.

A drone successfully decloaked the individual and he warped out - good enough for me… just as a neutral caracal came onto scan. Just my frigging luck. 

I bounce out and notice the executioner goes back in. A couple minutes pass and he’s still in there, and laughs in local “Hah, a caracal can’t catch a plex farmer!”

A cloaky, likely stabbed farmer in a T1 frigate would not escape any caracal. 

I attempted to complete a smaller plex instead of the medium. A few minutes pass and the guy announces in local the site is down to just 1 minute. I quickly bounce to a perch I made about 200’000km from the site and sure enough both the Exec and Caracal are still there. It’s abundantly clear at this point that the caracal never had to catch the executioner.

I return to my small plex and trade quip with the offender. However, much to my dismay, a 4th ship joins the fun in the form of a Police Comet. Knowing I also cannot take on that ship, I leave and OH look, there’s the executioner right behind him.


Defensive plexing, and the guy clearly has friends working with him, yet he chooses to forcibly steal my plexes, using out-of-militia friends to clear the way. I mean, not only does it make no sense financially, it is literally the lowest of the blows possible. I’m almost in awe at just how big a dick move that is.

I wasn’t going to sit around and let my LP halve for some cloaky farmer, when there’s plenty other sites in system he could take as his own anyway! The insult that he’d let me absorb all risk in running the timer and topping it off with neutral support. 

And I thought New Order gankers were dedicated to ass-hattery.

"Holding Orbit" - retouched sight seeing from a Gallente Medium Outpost in Placid, with Federation Cruiser in the bottom right.

"Holding Orbit" - retouched sight seeing from a Gallente Medium Outpost in Placid, with Federation Cruiser in the bottom right.

Neutral doesn’t mean Good.

In pretty much all of EVE, neutrals are bad news. Other people to steal your asteroids, thieve your relic sites, pillage your starbases and ruin your plexes.

They’re not an enemy, just competition. Incidentally, that invalidates the previous statement, awarding them the title of enemy.

When it comes to Faction Warfare, this threat is one of your ship being destroyed and your efforts - both to earn money and help your faction - being thwarted. It’s a triple blow.

As CONCORD have yet not put suspect flags on neutrals entering plexes, despite the suspect nature of their entry or proximity, I have to take the matter into my own hands and accept the penalty of law. 

It is better than the penalty of failure.

This particular pirate happened upon me while I was defending a medium plex in my trusty frigate. Knowing that a cruiser or smaller can warp in on me, I have to be prepared for the worst. The bonus of neutrals is that I can bore them out, should it be needed.

However he was not in a cruiser, nor a destroyer, nor anything particularly special really. He was in a simple executioner. 

Executioners do not fare too well vs tormentors, and you can be sure I knew this. 

As expected, the executioner slid into my field of view and that was his final mistake. With practised rapidity, my web and scram tore into the functions of his ship as my lasers and drones tore into the rest. 

And as expected, the intrepid pilot attempted a fight, but his structure failed as my armor was just beginning to register any impact.

But, my victory was short, as a thrasher had come to join the foray, no doubt the friend of the deceased. I had to depart immediately, leaving my loot to the newcomer, but at least I defended my site and received a minor bounty.

When the invaders left, I returned to defend the system once more, securing the outpost.

And so it begins again.

A newbie has been recruited!

My first of hopefully many manufactured loyal militia men and women. 

Next step - sorting this damned market. Being in an out the way place is great for avoiding shit travel routes, but is a pain on the logistics.

Going to have to really plan this one out.

Scorching Torment.

Should one be in Factional Warfare, doing some militia missions, perhaps the last thing one would like to see when warping their stealth bomber to the mission is for an enemy militia lying in wait.

For poor Lyran Kinken, this is exactly what just happened. 

I happened to notice a slight change out the corner of my eye on the overview and, upon checking it, noticed a beacon that had no right to be there. “Gate Blitz”, the name of a FW mission. 

As if spurred on by fateful coincidence, I blitzed my way to the gate, scanning intensely as I did. Nothing was visible upon arrival so I laid in hopeful wait.

The wait was not long. 

My sensors blared out the arrival of a manticore on my view with flashing bright red and orange. No time to waste, no punches to pull, all batteries fire.

A stealth bomber is not effective against frigates most days, and this was one of those days. Almost 3’000 LP richer, one kill better and the Federation Industrials protected, my work was done there.

Time to return to the plex I was guarding and continue the defense of this system.

Circles. Lots of Circles.

Circle 1 - I’ve left BNI back into my own corp again.

Circle 2 - I’ve joined FW on the gallente side again.

Circle 3 - I tried doing some solo and routinely got pulled apart by a good bait or, more often, gate camps. 

Circle 4 - My go to ship for now uses lasers.

Circle 5 - the orbit my Slicer makes.

That’s right, I’ve jumped onto the kitey slicer bandwagon. It’s a basic meta really, but considering the luck I have surviving in the heat of a situation (read: solo is the minority and doesn’t do well for my wallet) kitey is what I need. 

Once I’ve finished training up gallente cruiser 5 - not entirely sure why I’m prioritizing that but I am, so that’s that - I might work on some more frigate level skills such as getting light missiles to V, caldari frigate to V or I might even go the minmatar route. 

Those capless weapons, man. 

Had a lucky start to plexing though. Managed to complete 3 novice and 1 small plex in a contested system. Only a couple times did I have people come my way - once was a harpy which I noped out of, the other was a bait punisher. I held the punisher at 20km and did what I could but by the time I just had hit his armor two comets appeared on short scan. I know the dance, burned happily far away from the in and well away from the punisher and new comets. After I pulled and held at least 70km from all of them, they got the message and left me to my plexing. That’s one bonus about pirates, they have no reason to stick around in the plex. 

So that’s where I’m at now, back to frigs and cruisers after revealing my 4 month train into blops was mostly fruitless if I’m quite honest. You hear it all the time while training “if only we had a blops, if only” - get there and no one needs it after all. Grumble grumble.

Espionage is real

I am a child with a new toy, which is a blops able to bridge. As a result, I’ve been bringing it up at every moment in an attempt to get someone to make use of it.

Today, such a bomber fleet became available.

I called to the FC if another Blops was wanted, and of course they said yes! Placed my ship happily into the POS and my cyno alt was happily fit and ready in system to be a return cyno when we needed it.

Whilst the fleet continues to form up, almost ready, an enemy interceptor warps to the POS…. into the POS. This of course raises alarm bells but we watch what happens. I’m the 2nd blops in the pos so not the primary, making it quite humorous to everyone at first when it goes for me.

Then 10 other pilots warp in, and things get rather much less funny.

I realise in a flash the importance of what’s happening here and as the 3rd bump lands, my alt is already in warp to the next door system. Thank god they didn’t bring stabbers for a 50km run up! 

Alt jumps through, I’m 3/4 towards outside of the shield! 

Alt enters warp, I choose a random planet to jump to safely - accidentally choose the one furthest away! I do not have time for this warp length!

One chance anti-bump from an enemy caracal bumps me closer to the tower but only slightly. Alt leaves warp, cyno up…

I was a couple hundred metres from the edge of the shield before the Redeemer safely moonwalks out of system.

After that, the command team quickly scramble to deal with the fact that a sizable number of enemies were in our pos bumping ships. 

Espionage is real. It may be as simple as a pos password, but that almost killed a billion ISK ship. 

Also, Cyno alts ALWAYS stay at least 1 system away. ALWAYS.

The names of the people who speak the most (as far as one Brave member could see) in alliance chat. Bigger name = more posts.
Proud to take a high position ^.^

The names of the people who speak the most (as far as one Brave member could see) in alliance chat. Bigger name = more posts.

Proud to take a high position ^.^

"Kenneth Skybound chose to take the value of the ESS pool in the form of tags. The pool was 953,656 ISK. You contributed 93,318 ISK to the pool."

Credit to the art team, when that warp disruption beam hit me, I could physically feel the reality that I had tethered myself to potential ruin. The system was not empty nor inactive, I merely waited until it seemed at its best and went in. 

That it was for less than 1m is neither here nor there.

Isn’t this meant to be burnt gold and crimson, not salmon pink and light toffee?

Isn’t this meant to be burnt gold and crimson, not salmon pink and light toffee?