Success achieved! - FTL

It has been a struggle, but I managed to beat the game (on easy) with Engi cruiser B.

By chance, I happened to rescue crew from a lot of places, stranded on planets, escaping a station or a couple recovered from slavers.

In addition, I managed to land good series of encounters meaning I could get by with limited hull damage and high rewards. I did run out of fuel at one point though, that was nasty. 

My final suite of weaponry - A breach bomb (3 damage, 45 crew damage), heavy laser I and Hull laser (3 shots, 1 damage each), along with a combat drone, repair drone and defense drone.

In addition to this, picked up a Engi Med Dispersal by chance and bought a weapons pre-igniter. That pre-ignition mixed with the long charge time hull laser and bomb made the victories - able to just wipe out enemy shields almost instantly and let the combat drone start blindly tearing stuff up. Most things died by the second hull volley.

Interestingly, this is not my highest score (2863, highest with that cruiser was 3188).

I stand by what I thought though, this is a cruiser that is won massively by luck, though skill is required to ever have a hope of reaching the end. Without encountering so many crew members, never losing one and having such bountiful weapons and supplies as to be able to afford the pre-ignition too, this would have been another sector 8 dead weight.


I’m on Engi cruiser B. I have unlocked various other cruisers, but they are of no concern to me right now. I am on engi cruiser B

And OH. MY. GOD. This is hard.

Really hard.

I’m on easy mode and I cannot beat the final boss! I got so close too! I had pegasus missiles, and two heavy laser I’s, a combat drone II and repair drone, 3 mantis, 2 humans, an engi and a Zoltan(?), with the engi astromagically given max in all stats. I also had a fully upgraded cloak!

So, with all that in mind, fighting the boss shouldn’t be all that difficult. Okay, so let’s just take a missile to the cloaking system and have a squad of 2 people teleport onto it.


I got to the very final stage but there was no hope, I couldn’t engage my cloak until literally 1 second too late and the last painful missile strike the wrong part of me, killing my ship. AGAIN.

I’ve only tried now 20 times, including literally suffocating, burning, boarding and killing, using boarder drones, fire beams, hull beams, hull bombs and fire bombs, hull missiles, a pulse beam that shoot 5 times, a defense II drone, ion lasers out my ass…

No good to date.

I’m struggling.


It’s like this can only be won with sheer luck of good encounters, rewards and shop purchases. I THOUGHT I DID HAVE GOOD LUCK ON THAT LAST ONE AND STILL FAILED!

FTL - First Victory

I’m proud of this. A bit of RNJesus helped along the way mind, but still proud, using the Engi ship.

FTL is a brilliant game, it certainly keeps you on your toes and wondering how the devil do you solve this next bit, with some very humorous scripting. In addition to this, it allows for a lot of choices with a moral backing, and they’re honest to god choices (fight or not fight, rescue people or focus on saving the federation, take the mercenary bribe or shoot them, stop a pirate and take a ransom or blow the pirate up entirely?)

Kudos indeed to the creators of FTL and I HIGHLY recommend it.

My ship loadout:

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shimozu asked: Hope things are good for you, despite rl things happening. Also, kinda hope Phoebe shakes things up for EVE because we could use it.


I’m not sure Phoebe is going to make a huge shakeup. Sure, at the capital level, movement is DRASTICALLY different. How that pans out is based on just how bored capital pilots were/are and how paranoid subcap FC’s are. 

Interesting are the HIC changes, making them much more combat viable. Having one or two on a typical fleet roam could lead to pinning down a capital very nicely indeed, and merely having heavy tackle on a ship that doesn’t give up if not. I expect these ships to play a much larger role in low sec now and be in more fleets.


Anonymous asked: Sorry about your bf, but I need to know: gay guy or gamer girl? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.


Bi guy.


Also, still a gamer guy. Don’t take this away from me dammit! :P

General Update - Lotsa stuff

The Good:

  • TF2 Somehow bought a strange minigun on a trade server for less than half its actual value. Cheers, passer by, I just made over a quid out of 3 refined.
  • EVE/FTL Chatting with a corp mate, I talk about how I’m a mere 23 pence short of buying FTL after that nice minigun trade. Said corp mate then proceeds to just buy and gift me FTL regardless! Good friends are good!
  • FTL FTL rocks. I’ve lost now 3 times, once at the mothership, on easy. Slowly getting the hang of things. It’s really entertaining.
  • EVE Had some interesting responses to an action/idea I pitched regards eve. Details as they happen.

The Bad:

  • RS Given up on the leatherman challenge. The world is much larger than I thought. Like, MUCH larger. Too much.
  • RS Jagex released a series of new items found on “Treasure Hunter” (microtransaction central) which are not cosmetic by any means, in fact being incredibly useful and very unique looking to for runecrafting purposes. I disapprove.
  • EVE CCP Have announced exploration adjustments. I’ll be honest, the changes proposed for data sites seem generally underwhelming. At least low class wormholes got a boost (sorry C4’s, shit out of luck).

The Ugly:

  • ME Boyfriend broke up with me. Shan’t clog this up with details but simply this is my current state. yay. 

Leatherman Challenge (Runescape)


Today, Jagex announced a new feature called Ironman. Upon starting a new character, you can choose this setting or its hardmode counterpart to force a character that must work alone. I’ve come up with a softer counterpart, Leatherman. But first, the Ironman restriction list:

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Okay, so I (re?)discovered there is a Daemonheim set of tasks and some nice rewards with it, so set out to do them.

Easy ones were as described, easy. Job done real quick (I’d done most by accident it seems). 

Medium, not a problem. I feared the frost dragon in a solo dungeon one (really, my jaw dropped and hit my desk when I read that one) but by sheer luck I found a frost dragon in the very first dungeon I did looking for one. 100% win.

Hard… this is where it gets fun. Not only does it require things like buying rapid renewal (waste of a prayer imho) and maxing out a ring (I’ve chosen gatherer because I tear up every resource in a dungeon tier 6-9 more often than I should), it also requires two quests that involve dungeoneering. This would be fine and dandy if I had done the prerequisites or enjoy questing. Neither of those are true (quests can be alright, but slogging through low tier ones isn’t).

I had to go back to prerequisites as far down as Rum Deal and Sea Slug. If any of you understand what those quests are, you’ll appreciate how low grade this is considering my character is combat level 131. Holy damn.

So, after many MANY hours of making loving use of my dual screen to blitz through the quests, finally those two tasks are done. I did gain some levels and loot along the way that can come in handy so it’s not all bad. Just like 80% bad.

That is done now though, so I can focus on getting 5 billion tokens to pay for the ring upgrade and rapid renewal. I’m going to be the single most powerful gatherer once this is done. (Not really but still).

And then I have to 100% all sagas (means finding them!), get 70 divination and get back to runecrafting training. I’m not grinding up to Aura 4 just yet. That’d be silly. 

Run for your life!

Post 3 of 3. TF2.

I have encountered a new game mode - some kind of Run thingy. Basically, one player is saxton hale, the rest are just players, various speed and manoeuvrability buffs are removed such as scout’s speed or rocket jumping, but things like the escape plan still work.

Frankly, while I enjoy it, I really cannot say why. It’s horribly imbalanced. Unless the saxton hale fails miserably, he always wins. Guaranteed. There’s so many traps on each run with no real evasion other than to trick hale into using it too soon that you just cannot reliably beat it.

But it is compelling to try and trick the saxton into misfiring. 


However, the curiosity that really fills me is seeing even more community made maps. I find them utterly fascinating, despite their cheap build sometimes and, ahem, vulgar object choices. 

I should look into making one at some point. Could be fun!

That’s all from me for now.

Back to my roots.

Second post, RuneScape. Followers of this blog probably aren’t expecting THAT word to come up.

Oh yes, I’m job hunting irl and I have applied speculatively to Jagex. Of course, if I’m going to do that, I should also know some more of what is going on with their main product these days and have dropped into it once more, resubbing even.

I’ve picked up the changes pretty fast, gained various levels (runecrafting, hunter, ranged to name a few), making some nice cash around places and just getting into the flow. The issues that made me left haven’t been exactly removed, but observation shows they’re resolved in a reasonable enough manner and it doesn’t feel bad to play, so that’s all good.

Also helps that my old clan is still active, I’m still in it and the citadel is still tier 7. Yay.

Now, onto post 3, TF2…

Fun Everywhere!

Sorry I’ve not posted in a few days. Been busy with various things and uninspired by others. BUT, now I can. This’ll be a three part post to split things by category, for those who only wish to read the stuff relevant to their games.

First post, EVE!

I’ve not been on a whole lot of late, at least after getting almost 250m from a single high sec combat site. That was both lucrative and surprisingly thrilling.

However, I decided enough was enough, bought and fit a typical slicer and went travelling. After a few jumps into low sec, I decided to bounce to a random moon briefly (fully knowing there might be a starbase there).

Well, there was, but it was 180km away and offline. All good. I had a look at it to see what was around it, found a dozen incapped modules, half a dozen anchored and a corporation hangar and ship maintenance bay.

Hang on, wait what? Offlined pos, easily accessible…

Within minutes I had someone swing by in a stealth bomber. The owners were not only online in reasonable numbers, some were in system and one even warped to the sorry excuse for a starbase MULTIPLE TIMES seeing me there.

And yet myself and this intrepid assistant swooped in and sniped the hangars. The corporation one was empty, but the ship hangar was certainly anything but empty.

In fact it was filled with 1.6billion in loot!

We started grabbing grabbing grabbing! I managed to get off with two slicers, a tengu, a pilgrim and a nemesis, losing my original slicer to coercer fire from the owners (why he shot my frigate instead of halting the tengu I was moonwalking out with I don’t know).

This was quite the heist, and I found it entirely by accident. I don’t know what the owners were playing at but by the true nature of eve, mistakes were punished.

Eve - Phoebe - Also known as “It’s Happening!”

Alrighty then, CCP Greyscale has recently dropped a bomb of a devblog, detailing plans for some changes to everything null sec and capital based. I’m going to give a rundown of the main things, then my thoughts, but if ou want to get reading his endearing prose, click here.

Nullsec revamp is coming in 3 main stages: 1) Smashing the ever loving god out of long distance travel. 2) Reworking sovereignty and how it is claimed and held, with taglines such as “Occupancy” and “Freeform” 3) Major changes to starbases, structures, corps and alliances in 2015 for more granular control.

Today’s dev blog is aimed entirely at stage 1 - Long Distance Travel.

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Wormhole NPC RR Fix

Short and simple, in the patch notes for Oceanus, it was stated that the Mara Paleo Incursion NPC now remote repairs correctly.

However, it seems this fix also fixed wormhole NPC’s who were supposed to be remote repairing their allies, but were not.

Any wormhole site with remote repair functions listed will now actually use them, increasing the difficulty of site completion by a fair margin. Take this into consideration when running sites. (Either more dps or even attempts at jamming out the logistics NPC, who knows).

CCP Fozzie has stated this is intentional.

Others are citing more difficulty hitting sleepers now too, though I cannot verify that. All we can be sure of is that wormholes have become even more difficult, to match their reward.